Poly Bridge 2

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Poly Bridge 2 is a popular bridge building simulator. In this game, the main task is to design bridges that are designed to withstand various loads and withstand the movement of cars. With each level, the difficulty increases, and the player will have to apply all their engineering skills.
A key feature of the game is the thoughtful gameplay that integrates the creativity, puzzles and intelligence of the player. One of the highlights of Poly Bridge 2 is the realistic physics that allows players to simulate different types of structures and materials. This unique aspect of the game is to keep the player’s attention throughout the numerous levels.
Poly Bridge 2 contains new features and updates over its predecessor. Players are offered a more complex set of levels, requiring a different approach depending on the characteristics of the mission. In addition, the ability to compete with friends and other players in the “multiplayer game” mode has been added.
If you’ve ever dreamed of designing bridges and testing the strength of your creations, then this is the game for you. By assembling and optimizing bridge structures, players will be able to learn different aspects of design and test their engineering savvy.

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