BeamNG Drive

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BeamNG Drive is a unique car crash test simulation game. This is one of the most realistic representations of car physics in the gaming industry. With BeamNG Drive, the player can test their driving skills and learn how cars behave in various collisions.
One of the main features of BeamNG Drive is its emphasis on realistic car physics. The game uses innovative algorithms that create a smooth and extremely accurate physics model of the car’s behavior on the road and in a collision.
BeamNG Drive offers a wide variety of scenarios and challenges, where the main task will be to complete various tasks for the time, races and tests of the strength of the vehicle. You can also customize your car for yourself, including changing engine parts or exterior design elements.
Another attractive feature of BeamNG Drive is its modding support: the game has a responsive menu that allows you to create new cars, maps and scenarios for street racing. As a result, the player will get a unique experience and will be able to assess all the consequences of behavior on the road and accidents.

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