Hill Climb Racing 3

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Immerse yourself in the most exciting racing atmosphere with Hill climb racing 3! This 2D uphill physics game is simply irresistible! Like its predecessors, versions 1 and 2, Hill Climb Racing 3 is a great physics-based arcade racing game where you can overcome the challenges of the unique ups and downs of the environment.


Racing is a game in which the story is not the main component, but the main focus is on the gameplay. However, this version offers some context for the adventures of the main character, Bill Newton, and his crazy racing rides.
The main character is an ambitious racer who has always dreamed of conquering the most incredible tracks and overcoming the most difficult obstacles. He owns a variety of vehicles ranging from cars and motorcycles to trucks and even space modules.
The plot is that Bill goes on exciting racing adventures around the world. He competes on a variety of courses that feature climbs, hills, valleys, and even the lunar surface. The goal is to overcome all obstacles, collect coins and reach the maximum distance.
While the story isn’t complex or storytelling, the game offers exciting racing challenges, thrilling tracks, and the chance to feel the adrenaline while overcoming incredible obstacles.


Play online in real time with friends or compete against random players from all over the world. Exciting competitions and adrenaline that you will experience at each level are waiting for you!

Game Features:

● Simple and smooth control – will allow you to fully control your car;
● Discover different worlds of mountain climbs in powerful 4×4 machines;
● Lots of different and fun vehicles and wheels (monster trucks, PvP sports cars, trucks and much more) are waiting for you;
● Enhance your gaming experience with upgradable parts such as fuel system, engine, suspension and tires;
● Share your achievements with screenshots or get on the leaderboard to show everyone your high score!
No need to look for other racing games anymore. Hill Climb Racing 3 gives you incomparable fun, drive and joy from conquering the most extreme mountain roads. Get ready for an incredible adventure and become the real king of mountain racing!

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